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Can You Paint Wallpaper?

As we started to work on the living room at the I Street House, we didn’t know where to start with the living room.  We removed the nasty carpeting and then started the task of removing the vinyl wallpaper.  This wall paper was everywhere…including on the ceiling!  As we started to remove it, we also discovered there was older wallpaper under that and all of it was really stuck to the walls!  So we went to the internet to look for options…

Living Room Before 1

We discovered a tip that said, if the wallpaper was holding tight too the wall, you can paint it with an oil based primer, texture the wall  with drywall mud, prime and paint it.  So we took a deep breath and did that for  the walls.  We used Kilz oil based primer and after it dried, we checked the walls to be sure the wallpaper was not bubbling up.  We planned to strip the wallpaper on the ceiling so more about that later.

Living Room Before stonework

After the primer, we painted it with a primer/paint combo and we were finished with the walls.  It has been about a year now and there are no signs the wallpaper wants to come off, so we are good to go!  It saved us hours of stripping wallpaper and the result looks great!

Living Room New Finished 1Living Room New Finished 2