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Bathroom Makeover for $35.00

The house we purchased last year was only 3 years old and it had good bones, but the color choices of the previous owners were not our taste.  Because they had kids, they had some interesting color choices in the bedrooms and a crazy color in the guest bath.

The shower tiles were also not my first choice and we hated the floor tile.  What I hated more though, was the thought of pounding up all that tile.  I could live with the shower tile and we have yet to decide what to do with the floor.  For 10 months, we have ignored this room, calling it the ugly bathroom and we left the Caribbean blue paint in place.  This week I could stand it no more, so I decided to paint the bathroom and see if we could live with the rest.

I chose a dark brown paint, called “Mud Puddle” because I wanted to contrast the light tile and the white vanity.  I also thought that would make the floor look better…it didn’t!  So we will still have to take the plunge and change that at some point.  So, for a $35.00 can of paint, this guest bathroom now looks stylish and sophisticated.  Try this transformation on a room you love to hate and enjoy the difference it makes!

Transform a Room with Paint

Remodeling does not have to be expensive.  You can change the look of your room completely with a fresh coat of paint.  When we bought our “fixer-upper” condo, the paint had not been refreshed in many years and was drab and boring.  The first thing we wanted to do was paint it and bring some color into the room!

View from the Living Room

Because the color of the furniture was very light, we decided to paint a darker “feature” wall and paint the rest a brighter yellow.  Our goal was to create a Caribbean beach look and make it fun and inviting.  At first, I thought the color may be too dark, but it is only paint and you can always change it!


A couple of months ago we were back down at the condo and decided it was time to replace the furniture.  The furniture was old and sagging and it was time for a refresh.  Of course, the furniture we chose was simply not going to work with that Caribbean blue wall!  We decided it was time for the condo to grow up and look more sophisticated, so we repainted the wall a soft green.  Now the look has changed from the fun beach look to a calming island look!

Living Room After 2

We love the look we have created and it only took a couple of gallons of paint to change the tone of the room.  Don’t be afraid of color…you can always change it!