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Make a Hot Tub Pretty

When we purchased our hot tub, we decided to put it close to the family room door in an area that was partially protected from the elements by the house and the master bedroom deck.  The problem was there was nothing there but dirt, so there was not much ambiance.

Pre-deck 2

Since we already had poured a concrete pad, we decided to build a slightly raised deck around the hot tub that would cover up the entire area and turn that corner into a retreat spa.  Because the deck we were building was less than 12″ off the ground, we did not need a permit, but if you are thinking of recreating this deck, check with your local building codes.

We started by setting posts in concrete with holes dug down 24″.  (That is below frost line for us here in Colorado).  Then we built a frame as close as we could to the hot tub, remembering to leave an area so you can access the internal equipment.

Middle Deck 1

Once the frame was finished, it was time for the deck boards.  There are many types of deck boards you can use here, including synthetic wood, but I am a redwood girl at heart, so that is what we used.  This part of the project is just like building a regular deck except for working around the hot tub.  For shelter from the rain, we went to Target and picked up a pre-fab pergola to put over it.  The result changed the entire hot tub experience from sitting exposed in the middle of the yard to being in a spa!  The entire deck project including the pergola cost us around $1,000.  Enjoy!

IMG_0381 Post Deck 3