St. Croix Condo Remodel

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  In June of last year, we purchased  condo in St Croix to fulfill our dream of retiring and spending the winters in the Caribbean.  We got a great deal on the condo, but it needed some work.  Seven months later, we are staying in it for the first time and it needs a lot of work!  This trip we are focusing on a new kitchen and a guest bath. We did not plan to work on the guest bath this time, but the tub drain rusted through, so we needed to replace it.  We had a plumber install a new tub and prep for tile and we are taking it from there. We decided to go with economical tile from Home Depot and spruce it up with accent tile for a richer look.  New tile pics will be in the next post! We finished the tile and it looks great!  The tan tile was $.87/sq foot at Home Depot and the accent tile was $12-something a sq foot, but I only needed 6 of them so I got a nice accent for low cost.  Just have to grout, paint and caulk and we are finished.  The plumber will do the rest.  Although we wanted to replace the vanity, there is no time and vanities are very expensive on the island so we will save it for next time.  Total cost for the new tub, fixtures and tile was about $3,000…if you do the demo and the plumbing yourself, it could be around $1,500.   Bathroom Tile Done

We finished the bathroom and it looks awesome!  We still need to replace the vanity on our next trip down,  but the paint, tile and new shower curtain make the bathroom look as good as new.

What did we learn on this remodel?  Everything is more expensive on an island and even though there is a Home Depot, the selections are limited.  You have to rely on the locals to help you find what you need and everything you do has to have the humidity in mind.  This is very different from remodeling in Colorado!  Here is the finished pic of the bathroom.


10 thoughts on “St. Croix Condo Remodel”

    1. Thanks for your help Jean…I could not have done it without you…now that we are back, I have a lot to catch up on…

    1. Thanks Nanci. I started to do the blog and then when we got into the reno, it was non-stop. We are back in Colorado now, so I will be working on updating this post and starting one on the kitchen!

  1. Beautiful job. How far are you from Breckenridge? We have a time share there. Is September/October a good time to see your CO remodel? Love this site BTW.

    1. Hey Steph,
      We are about 1 and a half hours from Breckenridge so we would love to see you guys! We are headed to Africa this October, but are usually home in September…keep us posted!
      Miss you guys

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