Saving a Vintage Bathroom

When we bought our turn of the century fixer upper, the first room we had to tackle was the bathroom.  This was the worst room in the house with stained wall board, nasty linoleum and worn out fixtures.  The only good thing about it was the claw foot tub.

Bathroom Before 5Bathroom Before 3

The bathroom was a decent size so we knew we could make it awesome!  We started the demo and discovered the inside wall was constructed out of 2 x 2 boards with a thin wall board on it.  In order to bring it up to code, we would have to tear down the wall and rebuild it.  (This is my Husband’s favorite part!)

Bathroom Demo 7

While we had it torn apart, we had new plumbing and wiring installed.  We also removed the old gas wall heater and later had our electrician install a sleek wall heater over the door.  Once the demo was complete, we started to rebuild.  First we rebuilt the wall and then we started on the tile.  Because the floor was not perfectly even and we wanted a water barrier, we used a Schluter System on the floor as underlayment.  We planned to tile 1/2 way up the wall, so we installed Hardi-Backer there.  Let the tiling begin!

Bathroom Drywall 2Bathroom Floor Tile 1

Bathroom New Tile 3Bathroom New Tile 1

We used tile that looked like walnut on the floor and a travertine on the walls.  We ordered a vanity from Home Decorator’s Collection.  It came in a flat pack that we had to assemble but it looked great when we finished.  We covered  the top 1/2 of the wall with tongue and groove bead board, added two Tiella pendant lights over the sink and it was time to re-install the tub!

Bathroom New 3

The tub was in really good shape, so we painted the outside tan and the claw feet a copper color.  We cleaned the inside with Barkeeper’s Friend (Recommended by Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis) and it was as good as new.  We ordered a tub surround and installed plumbing for a shower.  We decided to hang a barn door instead of a traditional door so we would have more room in the bathroom.  The room turned out great and we are  one room closer to bringing this house back to life!

Bathroom New 11Bathroom New 10

Bathroom New 12

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