Rustic Frames from Repurposed Wood

I love old wood and metal and I had both left over from our house remodel.  We needed to dress up our fence in the back, so I decided to create 3 “pictures” using wood from our old fence, some awesome old metal with a great patina and some old tools we found when tearing down our shed.  This old stuff has a great story to tell and it is nice to be able to leave some of the history with this old house.

I started by ripping down the fence boards for the “picture” frames.  The wood was 1″ x 8″, so that gave me a 4″ frame.  Then I cut my boards to size to create the frame and cut the metal

MetalOld Tools

I checked the fit with the metal and the tools and then secured the frame on the back with “L” brackets.

Back of FrameFrames in Progress

I attached the metal to the frames with small finish nails.  You have to drill pilot holes, depending on the thickness of the metal.  Once the metal was attached, I flipped it over and positioned the tool.  I drilled a couple of holes and attached the tool with thin wire.  It was a simple project that will add a lot of interest to a boring fence.

FinishedFence Art 2

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