How to Turn Landscape Rock into Grass

When we purchased our little fixer-upper, one of the things I wanted to change immediately were the white rocks in the front yard.  The landscape fabric underneath was old and weeds were coming up in the rocks everywhere.  It was, well, ugly!  We tried for awhile to live with them, but after awhile, they had to go.

130 I St Before130 I Street 2

We started digging up the rocks and found more rocks of a different color.  Because of the size, we knew we could never get all of them up.  so, we decided to get as may as we could and then just cover the rest with top soil.  We added 3-4″ of top soil on top of what was left.


After we got all the top soil in place, we started laying the sod.  It is a small yard so the job was not that difficult!  We picked up our sod at the Home Depot and it really was good quality sod.  The result is awesome!  We have now had the sod in place for two summers and it still looks great.  So if you find yourself with the same issue with landscape rocks, consider this approach.  It worked great for us!

20140510_160655 20140531_154332

130 I Street 3

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