An Old House Gets a Second Chance

It has always been my dream to buy an old house and bring it back to life.  The house we found was a small (738 sq ft), 2 bedroom, 1 bath house built in 1904 in Salida, CO.  Salida is a little mountain town with awesome restaurants, beautiful mountains and lots of hiking, rafting and biking.  The property values are good, so we knew if we could find the right place, it would be a good investment.  This is not a buy and flip story though.  I wanted to fix it up and enjoy it.  After months of looking, we found our fixer-upper.


This little house had been vacant for two years and needed a lot of love!  The inside was as worn as the outside.  Here is a sneak peek of the transformation outside!

130 I Street 3

The roof was in good shape, so we put on new stucco, got rid of the ugly white rocks in the front yard and planted grass and flowers.  We also replaced the old fence along the alley but kept the wood to repurpose later.  Now this is the prettiest house on the block!

Next, we had to tackle the inside.  This post will focus on what was formerly the kitchen.  We wanted to turn it into a master bathroom and move the kitchen to the middle of the house.  There was not much there when we bought it.  There was a small gas stove, a working coal burning cook stove and a worn out sink.  When we got all that out of there, we ended up with a chimney and a hole that we needed to cover up.

Master Bedroom Before 4Master  Bedroom Before 2

We pulled up as much of the linoleum as we could, but in the end we ended up covering it with engineered wood flooring.  This room and the bathroom were the only hardwood floors we could not save.

Next we had to tackle the hole in the wall.  we decided to put a vented gas fireplace there and cover up the old chimney with Recycled Granite.  This is small pieces of granite the company cuts to look like stacked stone.  it is really easy to install and it looks beautiful!

Master Bedroom Before 3Master Bedroom New 2

We added new drywall and paint and had it plumbed for a stackable washer and dryer.  There was no closet in this room so we bought a red armoire from IKEA and it is now the closet.  the room is cozy with the fireplace and comfortably fits a queen sized bed.  One room done…4 more to go!

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  1. Love the story and pics. You guys did such an amazing job!! Way to go for making a dream come true! Love the house.
    Deb xo

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